Forbes: Experts Predict What The Housing Market Will Look Like In 2022

Paul Ryll, certified residential appraiser and owner of Oscar Mike Mobile Appraisals: Homeowners will make lifestyle changes as we continue to navigate a post-pandemic reality, many of which will center around hybrid and remote work trends as well as the desire to spend more time with family. These realities will create a strong market that swings in favor of the seller. The need for digital platforms and tools will be greater than ever, and much of the industry’s ability to keep up with demand will rely on the newest apps and offerings.

Specifically as it relates to home appraisals, desktop appraisals will become permanently accepted, which was announced by the Federal Housing Finance Agency in October. Better access to relevant data will allow desktops to be weighted more than they were in the past, with government-sponsored enterprises and lenders now considering these types of reports credible.

Interestingly, desktops will also help minimize forms of racial bias since the real estate agent, appraiser and other parties do not have to meet in person, which could help address an unfortunate reality still occurring within the industry. With the right data collection tools and overall acceptance by industry professionals, real estate will greatly benefit from the increased use of technology in 2022.

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